PHP, the best programming language ever

phpFor programmers, they understand the importance of working with a good programming language. One of the most commonly used languages for programming is PHP. It is the pride of software developers and everyone else working in the IT industry. This tool was created in 1995, primarily for web development but it is also used for any other programming functions. By the beginning of 2013, about 240 million websites were running on this language. At the time of its formulation, it PHP referred to as Personal Home Page but today it means Hypertext Preprocessor and has proven to be efficient and reliable for both web developers and website owners.

How does the PHP work? First, the code can be used with HTML or with various web frameworks. The code is created by a PHP interpreter, installed as Common Gateway Interface. Once the code is made and implemented, the web server sends the results to the client, as a portion of the developed web page. From its inception, the PHP developers have been trying to improve the functionality of the programming language. This has led to the development of the likes of PHP6 and PHP7.

PHP6 is nothing much but the original version plus the Unicode support. After users of the programming language complained that the PHP did not have Unicode support, the company had to come together and include the important feature in the language code. It is believed that the version will be released soon. The PHP7 on the other hand, can be seen as the future of programming language. It is highly optimized for improved performance. One of its most compelling features is that it permits for backward compatibility. The advanced language will also have return type declarations, to backup its parameter-type declarations. With all these developments under way, you can be assured that the PHP can only get better. Although these two are not released yet, they will be quite an asset to programmer, once they will be launched.